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Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment

The field of Health Technology is very diverse and growing at a rapid pace.  The Health Technology Assessment helps in identifying and analyzing health technology needs and identifies the existing and future challenges in the field. The main purpose of Health Technology Assessment is to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to the increasing health technologies requirements. The Health Technology Assessment assesses all aspects like safety, accessibility, usability, efficacy, maintenance, regulatory, quality, productivity, effectiveness and training. Health Technology Assessment assesses equipment, furniture, laboratory and administrative tools, supplies and devices and other components of an organization for its suitability and operational efficiency. It helps in determining the main purpose of a technology and its suitability to the environment.

global healthcare system

The field of Health Technology Assessment has made important contributions in improving the health-care system globally.  Health Technology Assessment involves the process of developing, evaluating, approving, implementing and maintaining health-care information technology systems.  development and maintenance of clinical practice databases and records; implementation of new software and hardware systems; assessment of patient education and training needs; development and maintenance of clinical practice software; and developing and maintaining electronic health records systems.

u.s environment protection

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is one such body.  The agency issues reports and other related documents at different intervals like each quarter, annually or bimonthly.

direct sampling examination

Health technology assessment is performed using several methods like the direct sampling examination, the computer database analysis, field site investigation and the banta sampling method. The direct sampling examination is one of the oldest techniques of assessing the ecological health risks posed by a particular technology or equipment. The computer database analysis looks for trends or anomalies in the use of a particular technology. Field site investigation assesses the compliance of a particular system or equipment on a specific site.

healthcare system

Today, health technologies and medical devices play a crucial role in improving the healthcare system. As technology drives healthcare improvements, decisions makers need to consider the impact of new healthcare technologies on the environment.

Health technology assessment is not a one time event.  The key areas for consideration in any such assessment include cost containment, system sustainability, adverse effects on ecosystems, regulatory and legal implications and system integration. An effective assessment can help to minimize the cost and risk associated with introducing new healthcare technology and can provide a tool for system improvement.


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