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How to start a digital transformation strategy?

One of the most valuable qualities for companies today is adaptability. As in nature, only those who manage to adapt to the ever-changing markets we face are successful.

When much of the transactions and communication are carried out through the internet, adapting means entering digital ecosystems. Thus, a digital transformation strategy becomes essential to generate new sources of income and ensure the sustainability of your company.

A digital transformation process to meet future challenges

A digital transformation strategy must be viewed from two perspectives, operational and commercial. In this sense, the first thing you should consider when starting a digital transformation process are the steps and objectives that it entails, which will allow you to measure its effectiveness and the fulfillment of goals.

A digital transformation process aligned to business objectives 

To establish the objectives of the digital transformation of your company , it is important to carry out an exercise not only of what we perceive within the organization, but also of the current needs of our clients and the evolution that their purchasing behavior has had.

Ask yourself questions such as: will my clients continue to prefer personalized treatment in the store? Will they be willing to receive phone calls? Or do they carry out an investigation process before contacting an advisor?

At least 40% of businesses will die within the next 10 years… If they don’t figure out how to transform their entire company to use new technologies. ”- John Chambers, Cisco System

So it is necessary not only to compare ourselves with our competition within the same field, but with others that offer different solutions, but with more attractive benefits for our clients.

From the exercise of analyzing your needs and those of your clients, it is very likely that objectives such as:

  • Increase the competitiveness of your business.
  • Get better sales results.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Improve the experience of your customers.
  • Improve internal communication and organization of your company.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing today, and how can starting the digital transformation of your company help you solve it? A common mistake is to start the transformation process with technological development.

However, it implies changes in the culture of the company, constant changes in the short, medium and long term. Therefore, ensuring from the beginning that the entire organization is committed to transformation is the first step towards a successful process.

A plan that drives the digital transformation agenda 

Once you have defined what you want to achieve, it is necessary that that objective becomes something specific, measurable and achievable in a certain time.

Prepare an actionable plan in which dates are established to make different decisions, what tools will be used, what will be the budget, what will be the early victories, when will you recover the investment cost, the benefits in the short, medium and long term, they are elements that you will have to consider.

To do this, you can go with an expert to help you define your company’s digital strategy or delegate the strategy to the current team. However, having the opinion and experience of someone external who has already accompanied companies in this process can greatly facilitate the transformation of your business.

Digital transformation at the market level

Unlike the operational one, the transformation at the market level allows a greater growth lever, since it aims to improve the value offer for your customers.

In this sense, a transformation process implies:

  • Focus on the human. The customer is the center of the growth of the company. Therefore, using methodologies to analyze their behavior and their needs is decisive to enrich your value proposition.
  • Understand the business. While the customer experience is driving the agenda, you should not lose sight of which of the many areas of opportunity you have the ability to solve.
  • Connect strategic areas. Depending on the size of your company, in a digital transformation process, those areas that have a close relationship with customers should participate, such as: sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Agile work plans. At motherlandgroups we work on an agile and incremental development process to validate product hypotheses and focus on the characteristics that provide the most value to the client, in such a way that we achieve a faster launch and greater effectiveness.

In this way, you will be able to lead the comprehensive digital transformation process aligned to your company’s business strategy and from a customer-centric approach, in addition to finding opportunities for disruption in the market.

Operational digital transformation, digital minds 

Digital transformation, as an operational advantage, is often implemented to save time or money through better efficiency, and when the tools are applied to long-term vision and innovation, the transformation becomes strategic.

From this perspective, as a digital transformation strategy is implemented at the market level it is important that our internal processes are aligned with the objectives.

To decide which technological innovations your company needs, it is necessary to analyze what value they can bring to your organization and how they will be used to fulfill strategic objectives.

The CRM will be of great help for the organization of contacts, but depending on the area and the needs of your company, there are other tools such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) for the organization of internal processes, instant messaging applications such as Slack, cloud storage such as G Suite and many others that adapt to the needs of your company.

The digital transformation is constant, decide how you will follow up

The digital transformation process must be constantly evaluated and analyzed, the adoption of new technologies is not enough, it is necessary to monitor the use of tools and above all, measure and improve the actions that are carried out.

That is why when implementing a digital transformation strategy , going with someone to follow up and provide constant advisory and training sessions to your sales team is a great differentiator in the value obtained from the process.

Digitization undergoes constant changes and your company must be prepared to face them with the best possible advice. Are you ready to start the digital transformation of your company?

At GrowX Agency, we have accompanied many companies throughout this process and we are willing to advise you if you wish. Learn about our digital transformation services .

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