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Key Driver Booster Peripherals of 2021 (Latest)

A driver provides software that connects Windows and our devices (mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.) It is a software component that acts as a bridge between the operating system and the device. There are two types of drivers.

Function driver:

A driver in the stack that communicates directly with the device is called a function driver.

Filter driver:

Malfunction of the driver may cause our PC not to function properly. A good example that can be given is when using external devices; while transferring the photos from our phone to PC. However, now there are significant improvements set to manage devices. Now there is no need to check the status of the drive manually. Instead, we can use software or application that do it.

Driver Booster license key is one such software-able to manage our drivers. For outdated, missing, or faulty drivers, it will generally give alerts. Users can solve all the problems of drivers with a single click. This software has over 40000 drivers. When game drivers become faulty, then the game will start to hang, or when some of the external devices like printer, scanner, and speaker of PC is not working well; we need a driver booster to whether current drivers are unmatched or outdated.

When you open Driver Booster, it scans the computer for any drivers that need to be updated, removed, or outdated and replaces them with the newest versions. Driver Booster is a safe and fast tool that uses only a few resources of our PC, so it doesn’t interfere with the performance of other tasks. Some of the driver booster versions are given below, free of cost to download and absolutely virus-free.



8.7 pro Sept 6th,2021
8.6 Jun 11th,2021
8.4 Apr 9th,2021
8.2 Jan 4th,2021
8.1 Dec 18th,2021


Driver Booster key 8.6:

It is a Driver booster license key 2021. This is the most effective automatic hardware driver operating software. It can spontaneously update the driver on our Windows system in the fastest and simplest way. The advantage of using this program is that it consumes a minimal amount of time and effort in updating damaged drivers on the PC. This driver booster is available for free and paid to pro versions.

The free version is enough for updating all drivers in the system and meets all basic needs. In contrast, paid version costs some amount of money with more advanced features like driver backup, free technical support, and automatic updates. Maintaining hardware drivers of computers is a very tiring task. The dissimilarity between the pro version and the free version is that users of the free version have to wait longer to install an updated version of drivers.  Driver booster license key 2021 (8.6) is a tool Windows users must have to keep drivers and game components up-to-date.

What’s new:

  • Internet connection is not required to update and install driver booster 8.6.
  • Scan engine allows faster scanning and Supports 49 languages and An extensive database offers exactly matched updates for all damaged or outdated drivers.
  • Activate the Driver booster license key 2021 using the license code: 6B02E-C685B-58D3. You can get the pro version subscription of 8.6 on Feb 27th,2022.

Driver booster license key 2021 (8.7):

Driver booster pro offers detailed information about the game component, vendor, devices, and version to give you the best performance. This software can search and download necessary files and install them. It is also able to create a restore point in case that your drivers may get broken due to the driver update failure.


  • Better performance while gaming.
  • Faster device errors and more stable PC.
  • Dual insurance for safe PC
  • Fewer device errors and more stable PC

Driver booster pro license key 2021 automatically changes the driver to the newest version. Enhance hardware functionality for the best performance. In addition, it also backup drivers for safe restore.

What’s new?

The driver booster license key 2021 (8.7) raises the database. It is the most preferred driver to your all-sound devices also, You can enjoy the sport animated features that help in more gambling.

Some Driver Booster pro serial keys:


System requirements Driver Booster license key 2021:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • 1GHz processor chip
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Internet connection
  • 500 MB storage

The driver booster keeps on alarming about the identified risks that may cause unnecessary panic. It may take time to upgrade drivers. If we cannot identify when to restart our computer while updating drivers, the program will tell us when to do it.

Driver Booster key 8.2 (2021):

This program is very lightweight that helps to manage drivers on our computer. It has a 200% larger database which fixes and resolves all errors and issues in the windows system. Therefore, it helps in updating all drivers without taking much time and energy. Driver booster license key 2021(8.2) allows us to update LAN, WLAN, USB drivers, and many more effortlessly.


  • It is available with a collection of 500000 updates also makes the system fully optimized and can update boost speed programs.
  • You can restore backup drivers.
  • It provides a comfortable environment for amateur users.
  • Supports 28 languages.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • XP windows
  • Windows vista
  • 1GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM required
  • 500 MB hard disk space

Driver booster 8.2 license key 2021:


The pro version of driver booster 8.2 creates a restore point before installing the driver if the installation fails. It also deletes the junk files while installing. In addition, this program quickly provides complete information about all device drivers. Network loss can also be easily fixed.

Driver Booster license key 2021 (8.1):

Driver Booster 8.1 is a popular and excellent software that scans the computer for faulty driver and update them. This software also solves the problems like hardware crashes, system crashes, system instability, and more. Driver booster license key 8.1 contains the newest features and tools to safeguard the computer. Millions of computer users use this program to update drivers.

What’s new:

Update and download speed are 300% faster also Added a regular update and Provides a new version of hardware function to perform well.

Increases the performance of games by stopping unnecessary processes. Installs plug and play drivers automatically. Driver Booster 8.1 is suitable for all types of windows users. Additionally, it cleans the drivers and makes the system intelligent for games to play. This works until users want to change themselves.

Registration keys:






Driver booster 8.1 system crashes and freezing screens. You can update all drivers easily with one click. It also offers safe and smooth operation of the driver on PC.

The driver booster license key 2021 is one of the methods for improving the operation and efficiency of the system. Driver booster can download the drivers, but it requests us to choose which driver we want to update. Hence, it helps us to get the improved quality of PC. There are many apps in the market for updating drivers, but these apps will provide new features and facilities that you cannot find the other apps. This software work like an all-rounder, which helps in improvising our system in many ways.


Driver Booster is an excellent solution for enhancing your system’s performance and capabilities. It does a thorough scan to determine if drivers or game elements are absent or have become obsolete. It then searches the web for the finest connections to their latest releases.

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