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VMware’s virtualization and VMware license key

VMware is a virtual machine software that is developed and launched by VMware Inc. in the city of California.

VMware launched its very first virtualization software in 1999, which was named as VMware workstation. Later in 2001, VMware launched two servers VMware GSX and VMware ESX. Most of the VMware virtualization software is of business use.

This article consists of information about the VMware workstation and VMware license key of this virtualization software. Before we get into details about VMware, let’s first know what the license key is.

About license key:

A license key is a data string used to verify authorized access to the software. It is like security to the software that prevents the piracy of the software. It prevents the software from unauthorized access and copying.

A software license key is also known as a product key. In simple words, a license key is a token given to legally paying customers.

Typically, a product key is a string consisting of letters and numbers given to the legal buyer of the software. It needs to be entered into the system while you install the software. When you buy a VMware workstation software, you will also get a VMware license key.

Overview of VMware software products:

VMware is a virtual machine that has three prime virtualization software.

  1. Desktop virtualization software:

VMware’s first workstation is a software suite that allows users to run multiple instances of an operating system on a single desktop computer.

The VMware fusion software also provides similar functions to the users. It is designed for the Intel Mac platform. It is compatible with other virtual machines developed by VMware.

Another product is the VMware workstation player who is a freeware that does not need license and VMware license key. It is quite similar to the VMware workstation but has lesser functions. It is available for commercial and non-commercial use. Its commercial use is available only with permission, unlike non-commercial use.

Server Software 

VMware EXIi is a hypervisor developed to serve virtual computers. It is a bare-metal product that runs directly on the server hardware, which lets the virtual server use hardware directly. It is now integrated to vCenter of VMware that offers additional services.

Cloud software

It has developed the following cloud software.

  • VMware vRealize Suite is a cloud management software developed for a hybrid cloud system.
  • VMware Cloud foundation is an easy method to operate a private cloud system on an integrated software-defined data center (SDDC) system. It is a web-based service that guides users for the installation and configuration of VMware vSphere hypervisor.

Network and security

VMware NSX is a network virtualization product.

Application management

The workspace portal of VMware is a self-service app store to manage workspace.

Features of VMware virtual machine:

More than one operating system on one server

VMware virtual machines can run more than one instance of any operating system on the same server. It is possible to run almost 16 instances of VMware virtual machines on a single physical server. A virtual machine is like a bridge between hardware and the OS on the server. It divides the hardware into several servers that have their memory and processer. With this, you have the freedom of limiting the memory usage on a particular server. The memory can be configured dynamically or manually.

Various operating systems support

VMware is compatible with all the operating systems. It includes Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Moreover, every VMware virtual machine has an operating system. Virtual machines on the server work independently without any interaction with other virtual machines. VMware provides device drivers to some huge brands like Microsoft. For instance, it supports Microsoft’s small business server.

Increase server resources

One can divide the resources of the server into different partitions that make it suitable to use in VPS web hosting platforms by using a VMware virtual machine. It helps in maximizing the complete use of the server resources so that we do not need more servers. Using this, we can work with a few numbers of servers. It provides an effective way to integrate servers that helps web hosting organizations lower their budgets. The estimation of how virtualization can reduce costs and save money is around 50%. It means a web hosting company can save 50% money if it does not use typical and traditional ways.

How to install VMware products on the Windows operating system

Various products of VMware have different features. But you can install desktop virtualization software on your computer system. You have to follow some easy steps to install VMware workstation pro. It is only for demonstration; you can choose the product you want.

  • Start with visiting the official website of VMware to install its product.
  • When the website page is open, click on the ‘free product trial and demo’ option.
  • Then select the product ‘workstation pro’ in it.
  • As you select this option, you will be redirected to the download page.
  • Now considering the specifications of the operating system on your computer, click the download button.
  • The download will start but make sure you have a proper internet connection.
  • As soon as the download completes, you can run the .exe file to install the product.
  • Click next and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Continue to click next till you get to the install button.
  • Next, click on finish and get the product on the desktop.
  • Double click and open the product.
  • It will ask you for a VMware license key, enter it and click finish to open.

Universal or free license keys of VMware products

Here is the list of free VMware license key for all the versions of the VMware workstation and other products.

  1. VMware workstation 4.x.x:  

  • ZHDH1-UR90N-W844G-4PTN6
  • G1NP0-T88AL-M016F-4P8N2
  • ZC14J-4U16A-0A04G-4MEZP
  • J1WF8-58LDE-881DG-4M8Q3
  1. VMware Workstation 5.x.x:

  • LUXRM-WP0DN-A256U-4M9Q3
  • DA925-HP80U-Z8HDC-4WXXP
  • 3KW2W-AYR2C-88M6F-4MDQ2
  1. VMware workstation 6.x.x:

  • CRX0D-VWL0V-7CJ6C-46C7A
  • 1H4WM-N21FZ-7GK2A-44U5U
  • FK8R9-LPCDT-88H4Y-4WRN3
  • WC5FW-V0CFX-4804A-4WTNL
  • LR5HT-16602-T814A-4MEN2
  1. VMware workstation 7.x.x:

    • FU3D8-28X0N-H8DJQ-4GZZX-MY2T8
    • ZY7M2-8ZX81-0813Y-AWPG9-PP0G6
    • CC3W8-DTX9M-4853Y-HPQGX-NU8X6
    • GC3MU-28W06-M80WQ-R4ZXV-YFK98
    • UA5J0-0HW13-48EMY-VXQNZ-NFUD2
    • VF7WU-2GF14-488CP-R4Z7Z-NL2YF
  1. VMware workstation 8.x.x:

    • 0A494-8U0EM-UZ2A9-0105M-A303M
    • MA406-25387-7ZNW8-F197P-1AL2D
    • 4A2XP-D03DN-7Z6H9-Z2ANM-0C9PFD
    • 0F0G8-FK29Q-AZ529-2J1NP-AC02F
  1. VMware workstation 9.x.x:

    • 5U63Y-6QL1K-GZ7K0-ZV17M-3CMQ0
    • JY4TJ-68L9H-8ZQE1-GA1Q2-03K22
    • MF471-0R007-RZHD9-TLCNK-3204G
    • JF09R-AU34Q-7Z6R8-JKAN0-9C7QJ
    • HY4KG-6KK47-CZCC1-Y8CQ4-13DK1
    • 0U28Q-DP31H-QZL68-8J0QH-AAUK4
    • 0F0PV-AWJ0L-GZLM0-H1874-CA839
    • 0A6H6-4DL4N-KZQX9-Y09QH-9AF3G
    • 0F23V-4D38L-9ZQ38-2K37H-83C50
    • 0F03K-80JEQ-8ZF89-8287H-A2R47
    • 0A22R-400EM-EZ4W8-3K9NK-3AUPL
    • NA64Z-0V054-UZVC0-2L370-837K4
  1. VMware workstation 10.x.x:

  • 5F211-0MJ82-LZE99-9LCN0-A3A3M
  • 4F4HJ-FDL83-KZVL9-LC17P-22JJG
  • HV0RV-00K4K-GZ8N1-XUAN2-23Z4A
  • MY2A4-DMJ8N-HZUA8-2V2Q6-02EKD
  • NY65G-6238N-PZQ59-1L172-9AT4L
  • 5Y2RY-FK21L-YZZY8-VV1Q4-1A24R
  • JY65Q-43L9J-TZGP8-80AQH-3AG3H
  • 0Z6PT-F0K50-QZXW8-698Q0-3AR69
  • NF05Z-08346-TZDE0-213NK-C3Q59
  • 1F0ML-FRH97-0ZZA8-1JA74-8AF6X
  • 5F29M-48312-8ZDF9-A8A5K-2AM0Z
  1. VMware workstation 11.x.x:

  • ZG75H-FZF83-M8DLZ-4ZW5E-NP0W0
  • AV518-09FD0-48D1P-EMQEX-Z72C6
  • GG7W0-DAY5Q-0858Q-6GWZ9-W7RT8
  • GC75U-21E50-M8D5Q-K6YQX-W28V8
  • 1F04Z-6D111-7Z029-AV0Q4-3AEH8
  1. VMware workstation 12.x.x

  • UA7T0-2HF5L-080FP-MMPZ9-PKAC6
  • YA5N8-DAFD1-085FY-RFZE9-N62U6
  • GZ1D0-8WZ93-H881Y-WGZGV-ZZ0A2
  • CY5HR-A0E94-489UZ-TZZX9-NPH9A
  • FZ11A-F3YDK-084WZ-HYWZT-W30A8
  • 5A02H-AU243-TZJ49-GTC7K-3C61N
  • VF5XA-FNDDJ-085GZ-4NXZ9-N20E6
  • UC5MR-8NE16-H81WY-R7QGV-QG2D8
  • ZG1WH-ATY96-H80QP-X7PEX-Y30V4
  • AA3E0-0VDE1-0893Z-KGZ59-QGAVF
  1. VMware workstation 14.x.x

  • AG352-4YED3-0852Q-LPXXT-MGKG4
  • FC1R0-2EX4M-H854Y-2NWGE-Q2KXA
  • GU38K-DJW07-488MY-85YXT-P3HU4
  • YU1R2-8RZ16-4816Y-WYNET-WQUFD
  • VV140-2ZFD1-H88YY-N5X5C-PF8Z6
  • AA1T2-2KE13-088JQ-JEY7C-WUHT0
  1. VMware workstation 15.x.x

  • FU512-2DG1H-M85QZ-U7Z5T-PY8ZD
  • GV7N2-DQZ00-4897Y-27ZNX-NV0TD
  • GZ3N0-6CX0L-H80UP-FPM59-NKAD4
  • ZG51K-25FE1-H81ZP-95XGT-WV2C0
  • VG30H-2AX11-H88FQ-CQXGZ-M6AY4
  • CU7J2-4KG8J-489TY-X6XGX-MAUX2
  • FY780-64E90-0845Z-1DWQ9-XPRC0
  • UF312-07W82-H89XZ-7FPGE-XUH80
  • AA3DH-0PYD1-0803P-X4Z7V-PGHR4
  1. VMware workstation 16.x.x

  • YF390-0HF8P-M81RQ-2DXQE-M2UT6
  • FC11K-00DE0-0800Z-04Z5E-MC8T6
  • UY150-ANY57-H80JQ-VDN7E-Q6AGD
  • AU34A-FFZ57-M81QY-84QE9-WFUW2
  • VZ75K-2AX01-0806Z-A5W5X-ML8C2
  • ZC3N2-45Y5N-485XZ-CFPQ9-N70X6
  • GZ5JR-F8W81-H8D8Y-2ZMNZ-W22R8
  • UC1NR-FAE91-081RP-G6Q7T-YZKC4
  • CZ300-23YEK-H85GZ-UNW5X-WLKD0
  1. Eee;dx

  • 98XY4-54VA4-4216V-4PDZ6
  • WH0M5-XW50J-WA4FU-4MTZ3
  1. VMware server v1.xx

  • N218N-NR66R-F0JDF-4P9NP
  • H2W8H-X82DC-J8N6G-4M9Q6
  1. VMware ESX server v2.x

  • 0VHD0-0P86V-0C0AH-4018N
  • SMP 0KR08-02CAH-0DJ2H-48124
  • 02M8R-0HA2N-0CK8M-42JAN
  • SMP 0AMDE-0UWFP-0E601-42J84
  1. VMware ace v1.xx


  • 8H18E-8U505-HA14Z-4P8QL


  • WC94X-3H90R-K05DU-4MTN3


  • TKN8T-1UD2Q-70N4C-4YXXQ
  1. VirtualCenter v1.x GSX

  • VHM05-U0Q27-E0HFA-5WRXL
  1. VirtualCenter v1.x

  • VirtualCenter:921H4-7WR4V-T2NDC-5YDZK
  • VMotion:8VN44-Q8PD9-P0NFY-5PWZL
  • ESX:  XL584-9PH2Z-02H4C-5P9XL
  • GSX:  EH8M0-5RP8Y-M804F-5MRN3
  1. VMware P2V assistant v2.xx

  • L80ME-56Q6F-U8M4F-5WEQQ
  • 4KE0R-0A04Q-H05DZ-5WEZL


VMware has products and services that mainly include virtualization, cloud, and server. It is considered the first commercially successful firm to implement virtualization.

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