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What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the online use of various social media sites and platforms to promote an online product or service.The increasing influence of social media in our everyday lives means that marketers must engage with this venue in new ways to create and maintain relationships with their customers. This article discusses some of the ways in which this marketing strategy can be used.

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The internet allows us to connect with others who are located all over the world. Many marketers have found this aspect of social media marketing to be particularly useful. They have been able to establish long term relationships and loyal followers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As the popularity of these sites continues to grow, so too has the importance of engaging users and providing content that engages them.

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Social media can also be used as a tool for branding. Branding allows users to associate a company or product with certain themes or values, which can be incorporated into online advertisements and websites. These advertisements provide businesses with a medium through which they can market themselves and showcase their brands.


An extension of brand awareness, social media marketing can also help increase website traffic and visibility through search engine optimization (SEO). Engaging users and encouraging interaction is a key element in this strategy. It allows users to share links, videos, and photos relevant to their interests with others within the network.

The increasing presence of social media marketing and SEO is creating an environment where customers can purchase products almost immediately. Consumers are now able to research a brand on the internet before making a purchase. This allows consumers to receive first-hand information regarding a brand, helping them make a better buying decision.  In fact, it has been reported that up to 80 percent of new customer acquisitions come from social media interactions.


The increased value of social media marketing for advertisers comes from the fact that it gives marketers more options for targeting their audience. Marketers can determine a profile, or audience, based on location, age, gender, and a variety of other factors. They can tailor their message to each profile, resulting in an even greater impact.


Social media platforms such as twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube have become a popular way for businesses to connect with potential customers. Twitter is the ideal platform for businesses to share short, conversational messages that encourage consumers to take action.

Beyond the direct benefits of social media marketing, it can also lead to increased brand awareness. Many businesses use social media to share news of current events or comment on events happening in their market. This leads to increased brand awareness, which is something that every business can benefit from.

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