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Clown Emoji Usage

What is Clown Emoji?

  • Whatever your opinion, clowns can be either harmless fun or frightening nightmares depending on their status. It doesn’t matter which view you have, there’s much beneath the clown mask of this age-old profession. There have been many changes in clowns over the years. Nowadays, you don’t just see them at birthday parties. There are numerous movies that feature clowns.
  • In situations where one must denote Circuses (Fun-fairs), Parties, Mac-Donalds or other events, clown face emojis are used. People also use Clown Emojis in creepy situations or to scare others. Clowns are often entertainers for a prolonged period of time.

Clown Emoji Usage

  1. Clown Emojis are used by people to refer to the “IT Movie” as a Clown called Pennywise who eats small children. Clown Face Emojis also can be used in situations where someone wishes to make fun.
  2. It can be used as a way to say that the receiver or sender are being childish, or that a comment should not have been taken too seriously. It can be used to reference children’s parties as many of them have them. It is often used as a denotation of something much more dangerous, since so many people find them disturbing.

History Of The Clown Emoji

While clowns are often the star of parades, circuses, and carnivals alike, their history is much deeper. Clowning can be traced back to ancient Rome and the medieval period, as well to North American Indians. Clowns are known for their outrageous costumes and extravagant make-up. However, this was not always the case.

Since the ’90s, Clown Emojis have been around since the inception of emojis. Clown emojis first appeared in Unicode 9.0 on 21 June 2016. Unicode 9.0, the ninth set of symbols, was released by Unicode Standard. It is a character coding scheme that allows for the worldwide display and processing of the written texts in the many languages and technical disciplines.

Clown Emoji On Different Platforms

Apple Emojis

Apple devices such the iPad, iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs, Apple Watch and Macs use the Apple Color Emoji font as Emojis to display their characters. Apple Color Emoji (or Apple Color Emoji) is a unique color typeface created by Apple and used on Apple platforms. Apple released the Apple Emoji font along with iPhone OS 2.0 in November 2008. It contained 471 individual Emoji Glyphs.

Google Emojis

Google released its first and only original set 79 emoji characters on August 8, 2008. These animated symbols were designed by Ryan Germick & Susie Sahim. Google emojis gained popularity over time. The global conglomerate offers over 3,000 emojis to users on stock Android phones like Pixel Phones.

Emojis from JoyPixels

JoyPixels develops Unicode-compliant emoji designs that can be licensed for digital and consumer use. JoyPixels is the creator of the first fully independent emoji sets. JoyPixels provides full-service emoji services and believes in creating maximum joy through great design.


The clowns are memorable if they’ve been to any of your kids’ birthday parties. Clowns can make us laugh, entertain our children, or perform incredible feats of dexterity. Clowns are so common that you can even find Clown emojis.

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