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NFT Avatars Introduced On Hike’s Blockchain Gaming Platform

Blockchain gaming company Hike announced in February of 2022 that it was introducing a new Team Avatar, which is the official name of a group of avatars like a murder of crows or school of fish. According to information published at, the occasion marks the debut of the Rush Avatar, which doubles as a non-fungible token and digital identity for gamers in the Rush Gaming Universe. That action moves the gaming application firmly into the blockchain sphere of influence, expanding player options and increasing the features of using avatars.

Launch Edition Incentive

As an incentive for loyal players, Hike launched the Rush Team Avatar with an incentive to celebrate. Avatars ranging from ”The Boss” to a limited edition avatar with only 1,999 available are being awarded as rewards and tokens of appreciation to the most active players in the Rush Gaming Universe. Totally free, these tokens are likely to grow substantially in value. The company is setting 10% of the Launch Edition’s supply aside for this initiative and future giveaways and internal uses like granting partnership stakes.

The airdrop took place at the end of February of 2022 for Android users, and the schedule for Apple users was targeted for a late date.

Relevant Details About the Rush Gaming Universe

The launch into blockchain technology promises to establish the company firmly in the Metaverse and facilitate building a radically improved game economy where consumers have a substantial ownership stake. The Rush Team Avatar benefits from blockchain technology that provides the following gaming advantages:

  • Blockchain provides complete gamer control of digitally based accounts and gaming resources.
  • Control includes greater freedom to interact with the game’s economic features using any strategy.
  • Programmable NFTs create avatars with incredible superpowers and greater personalization capabilities.
  • The crypto gaming system allows players to earn money.
  • Players can sell, trade or gift gaming assets as they see fit.
  • Gaming platforms become more transparent and trustworthy when they use blockchain tech.
  • Gamers can make in-game purchases using cryptocurrencies to buy avatars, skins, extra lives and other gaming resources.
  • Game resources can be sold on the open market for real-world cash.
  • The benefits of cryptos and gaming include more players who seek play-to-earn benefits.

The RGU won $50 million within its first first year. Game plays for eight of India’s most popular Hike games average 100 million each fiscal quarter. The attraction of blockchain promises even greater returns for Hike.

Blockchain Benefits for Gaming

Using blockchain technology in gaming is a natural progression because the upgrade enables greater interoperability at all levels. Games can take their unique public addresses to other games unrelated to the game where the details were first conceptualized. Blockchain blurs boundaries and barriers and provides the benefits of decentralization. Gamers can play anywhere at any time and earn money for their efforts. Monetizing games increases their popularity and improves the gaming experience at every level.

Learning more about blockchain is easy to do when you access crypto markets and prices. Experts agree that making a token investment is the best way to absorb details about cryptos and their underlying blockchain technology.

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