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How to attract clients in B2B companies? Know 3 ways to do it

How to sell to customers who do not want to be sold? Generating more and better business opportunities will be the consequence of implementing a set of articulated actions that allow you to reach the goal.

In our experience, the fastest growing B2B companies implement these 3 strategies to attract B2B customers:

  1. Inbound Marketing
  2. Inbound Sales
  3. Referrals

1. How to attract customers in B2B companies   with Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound marketing is a methodology based on attracting the right unknown through valuable content to convert them into qualified sales opportunities, even promoters of your brand. 

It uses different techniques that are part of a whole strategy that aims at the active growth of a company. 

How to attract the right strangers?

In the webinar, we explain how inbound marketing works through a real case. In this example, CEOs of B2B technology companies are suitable strangers. 

For one of them, the previous year’s sales were not what I expected. Perhaps the immediate question would be how to increase sales? 

In early stages you will evaluate possible solutions. What sources can you turn to? Historical data, vendors, specialized magazines, and surely to search engines, such as Google. 

An informational article on a company website can be of great value because it will help you identify what the problem is and a possible solution and it will allow us as a company to attract the right visitors.  

There are three stages: recognition, consideration and decision . Through this example, you will learn how the inbound methodology works from the early stages to the purchase decision.  

What would it look like in practice? The CEO of a B2B company clicked on the article. At the end of it is a call to action or CTA.

The CTA seeks to attract potential customers and convert them into future customers , through a form on a landing page or landing page. This contains a more interesting offer and of much more value for the user.

At this point, perhaps you haven’t identified that inbound marketing is a possible solution, and that’s okay, customers are not all for us and we are not for all customers. 

Inserting a form with key questions will help collect data from prospects such as name, company, number of employees; to qualify through the data , that is, to identify the potential clients with whom the commercial team will have to invest their time. 

Article generation is just one tactic that is part of an entire strategy where proactively generating qualified leads is the foundation for more and better customers. You want to know more? 

Let’s move on to the second way, inbound sales.

2. How to attract more clients in B2B companies with Inbound Sales?

Let’s talk about sales. And for this, we explain what the inbound sales methodology consists of: 

As in the inbound marketing methodology, understanding the buying process of potential customers is the key. 

The next step is to link the sales process to the purchasing process of qualified prospects . How to do it?

There are four stages of the inbound sales methodology : identify qualified prospects; connect through a call, mail, social networks, etc; explore real needs and how you can help solve them; and finally, advise until they become clients. 

After understanding the methodology, we will talk about the sales pipeline , what is it?

Stages through which we add value to a prospect in their purchase process, to solve their need

That is, the link between the sales process and the purchasing process. You will learn how to make this link through a practical case. 

And finally we explain how to attract customers in B2B companies with referrals?

3. How to attract clients in B2B companies with referrals?

“A referral is 4x more likely to buy” – Nielsen –

V alidation and confidence will be two key elements to achieve this . Learn how to generate referrals … without asking for them!

Generate referrals through introductions

1. Build relationships : Know the most important considerations to take into account before asking for introductions.

  • Adds value to the person
  • Contact your customers after the sale
  • Always helps
  • You can also be a source of referrals

2. Overcome fear : How? We share the 3 most common mistakes and how to solve them to generate referrals. 

  • Ask to be introduced to a company. In B2B companies, defining the buyer’s profile is key. You deal with people not companies.  
  • Be strict with who you are introduced to. While identifying the decision maker would be ideal, it is the salesperson’s job to identify those who might influence the decision.
  • Be ambiguous. You must be clear about who you are looking for, that is, what type of referrals fit the company profile you are looking for. 

At the end we share a series of basic actions that can help you generate referrals and thereby attract more customers in B2B companies . 

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