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How to create a successful digital content strategy?

Regardless of what niche your company belongs to, if you want to position yourself on the Internet through digital marketing, you need to create content. 

But, it is not only about writing well and having a blog, but about generating relevant and quality topics to connect with the audience. By doing it in a planned and constant way, you will be able to build valuable relationships with your clients and grow your business organically 

What do you need? Mainly, planning and creating educational content based on SEO techniques and keyword analysis , as well as distributing, measuring and optimizing it. 

Benefits of creating digital content

Currently, we are faced with an evolved buyer with whom it is not enough to know and understand their needs, but you must help them solve them, beyond selling a product or a service. 

Consider that people are not willing to invest their time and attention in something that does not serve them. And the way to capitalize on that attention is through correct, relevant and useful content .

Content is the fundamental asset of your digital marketing strategy

Imagine that you have a hotel chain, although it is true that your buyers will look for comfort, it is also likely that they will give importance to the location or the surrounding places. 

You can help them plan a tour of the area, make recommendations about restaurants, beaches, ecological zones, etc., in order to attract more prospects and generate greater engagement with your potential clients. 

Principles of digital content strategy

The digital content strategy seeks to attract, educate and convert more leads into customers, improve brand positioning and build authority in the market. 

It integrates the planning, dissemination and measurement of the topics, as well as the segmentation of the audience or buyer personas , the channels and the value proposition. Not to mention that it is a standardized and repetitive process that is constantly evolving and optimizing. 

However, before executing it, it is necessary to be clear about these aspects:

Business status. Since the digital content strategy must be articulated within the business strategy, it is necessary to document the benefits, costs and risks of implementing it. Consider that it can help you grow organically in the long term, meanwhile, it is essential to settle those early victories that can push the decision maker to adopt it. 

Value proposal. Find out how your potential clients look for solutions to their problems, what type of keywords they use and where they prefer to find them. It is of little use to know your offer from pe to pa if you do not respond to the needs of your audience and resolve their pain points. Therefore, it is also important to analyze what your competition does to find your publishing niche.

Brand positioning. By creating digital content you can give your company greater visibility and standardize your value proposition in all your messages, assets and channels, in order to provide a more personalized experience to users.  

Strategic plan. The execution of the content involves a prior and organized planning of the specific tactics that will help you achieve your objectives. Likewise, you must schedule all the actions, establish what topics will be discussed, in what tone, format, where it will be disseminated to generate more traffic and retain your customers.

How to articulate a digital content strategy?

As a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy , content should not only respond to your prospect’s challenges, it should align with your business goals .

For example, the inbound methodology uses multiple tactics, including content, throughout the customer journey , its life cycle and the different points of contact, to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and provide greater value to users. The difference is that it does so from the prospect’s perspective, without being intrusive and accompanying them until they are ready to buy. 

Now, first it is necessary to define your objectives, know who you are going to address, what topics interest them, what are their common challenges and needs, what channels do they prefer to communicate, how do they seek answers or solutions, in what formats will it be developed? the content and how you will permeate value in each action you undertake. 

Basic elements to create digital content 

There are certain criteria that you should consider before starting your digital content strategy to ensure that your investment and efforts are properly targeted. 

  • Current situation. Ask and answer, where are you and where do you want to go? What is your competition doing? What is your company’s online presence? What opportunities have you not yet explored? Are your goals viable? By collecting this data, it will be easier to map your goals based on your strengths and achievements. 
  • Goals. Define SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and in a certain time) according to the resources and means that you have at your disposal. And remember to separate business objectives from marketing or sales, even though they must be aligned within the strategy. That is, if your goal is to sell more, then marketing needs to generate more leads. 
  • Channels. At this point, it is necessary to create your own channels, such as a blog, as well as identify those that work best for your business and where your potential clients operate. It is not about being omnipresent, manage according to your capabilities and scope, those channels where you can disseminate your content. 
  • Audience. To segment your audience, you can build buyer persona profiles , which are fictitious archetypes of your potential customers, made from the most common characteristics, for example, age, interests, challenges, motivations, etc. 

Recommendations to improve your digital content strategy 

A critical part of your digital content strategy is measurement. In addition to giving you a global vision of the impact of your strategy, it will allow you to optimize it on the fly. For example, in the case of blog articles, you can view the number of visits, the time spent on the page, modify the keywords, etc.

At the same time, to achieve greater effectiveness, it is also recommended: 

Align your strategy with your business objectives. Although each department must set specific and particular objectives, in the end, all must align to achieve the growth of the company. 

To do this, it is necessary to establish indicators and coordinate efforts, for example, define what a good lead is, or warm it up enough until it becomes a sales opportunity. Likewise, establish an ANS (service level agreement) to establish common agreements and use a CRM to monitor and follow up with clients. 

Create evergreen content These types of digital assets are timeless, that is, they have the quality of lasting over time, since they continuously generate interest. Ideally, you should balance the amount of evergreen content with current content to maintain the effectiveness and quality of your strategy. 

Carry out keyword research. At this point it is necessary that you be clear that people are not looking for your solution, but an answer to their need or problem. So, you must analyze the keywords they use in search engines, for example, if it is a university, they can use terms such as: best paid majors, best universities in Mexico, how much it costs to study design, etc. 

Why is digital content a business opportunity? 

Because in a hyper-connected world, the key to connecting with your customers and improving their shopping experience is to deliver value through digital content .

In our experience, there is no greater mistake in the world of digital marketing than offering your solution without knowing the pains, tastes, challenges and what topics your prospects are interested in.

A well-planned and executed digital content strategy is capable of generating new business, that is, getting more leads and providing your commercials with tools to nurture customers and close more sales. 

In this guide you can find some tips to articulate it effectively, it’s free! And if you need help, our team of professionals is ready to advise you. 

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