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What is content marketing? benefits, types and examples

Digital marketing has been a real revolution for companies, one of its many aspects is content marketing, which offers multiple advantages to grow our business. Do you want to know what it is and how it can help you achieve great results? I’ll tell you about it below.

What is content marketing?

I am convinced that you have already heard the famous phrase, “content is king” and it is not surprising, according to the latest study by the Content Marketing Institute , 56% of companies consider that it has been their area of ​​greatest growth. 70% consider that their strategies are more effective than the previous year and 93% confirm that they have acquired a serious commitment to this marketing discipline. This data helps us get an idea of ​​its effectiveness.

Content marketing is a marketing technique that seeks to create content that is interesting and relevant to users, with the aim of attracting and connecting with them.

Generating content has become one of the biggest concerns of companies when it comes to establishing contact with users. Content marketing is one of the most efficient strategies right now, but… why has it become such a fundamental part of marketing?

“If traditional marketing has always talked to people, content marketing talks to them.”

Objectives of content marketing

The objective of this marketing strategy is to generate attractive content for the user, which is capable of attracting their attention to attract them until they become customers. In addition, there are other objectives as we see below:

Achieving visibility

In content marketing, it is necessary and very important to put into play all possible creativity in the development of content. Making a more visual and dynamic publication will attract more customers than if it is done solely through text. Continuous innovation in the formats and processes used is necessary to generate interest.

Give value to the company

The knowledge of a company is one of the most powerful weapons it has, if it is shown that a company is aware of the concerns and interests of the consumer, from the perceptual point of view it will be seen with very good eyes , being able to establish the desired engagement between company and consumer.

Customer loyalty

The style of the published content will be essential to connect with a specific consumer profile. If there are common points of interest, customers will feel grateful to the brand, they will be loyal to it and that will bring great benefits to the company, not only in sales, but in generating community around the brand.

Establish a stable network of contacts

Getting noticed in the online environment thanks to content marketing can bring enormous benefits, you do not have to think only about getting customers, but about being perceived as an important brand in your niche. Generating content will open the doors to a large number of contacts. In addition, conversion is essential in the development of content, getting leads will allow to establish future relationships.

Increase commercial sales

Although essential, this stopped being one of the main objectives of the company to become a consequence of a job well done. You can generate great benefits, but never put them before other aspects such as brand reputation, since in the long run it would bring bad consequences and results.

Benefits of content marketing

– Positive image of the company: publishing content that helps the user favors the image of the company. Getting users to place their trust in your own company is a necessary aspect to boost your business.

– Increase in credibility: generating content that solves doubts and questions about your company’s products or services helps us to be considered a professional company and increases our credibility.
Generate traffic to your website: SEO web positioning plays a very important role, quality content will allow you to position yourself in the first results of the SERPs and that will result in high levels of traffic to your website.

– Brand awareness : users can learn more about your brand or company, this translates into greater awareness of your brand. Knowing about the brand and your activity can lead to more sales in the future.

– Differentiation: content marketing helps us so that users find us before other companies that do not work on it. However, if our direct competitors have already implemented this strategy, it will allow us through the content to offer a distinctive and differential style.

– Economic communication: it allows us to connect with your clients in an economic and simple way. In addition, the content can go viral and get a high number of views.
Help with the purchase decision: focusing the content towards recommendations and advice, will facilitate the purchase decision of users towards our own interests.

Types of content marketing

Content creation is a good method to generate engagement. To do this, as we have said before we must innovate and be creative, here you can see the different formats in which we can carry out a good content strategy.
Images: they are a simple method capable of attracting the attention of the user, generally the networks are full of images, either to promote products or to add value to a brand.

Infographics: they are created by brands and companies to translate the information in a text to a more visual field. In it we can find percentages, graphs and information of interest adapted to a simpler format for the user’s view.

Videos: in content marketing, videos, like images, have a much more attractive format, where there is no need to read a text that can be monotonous. The combination of image and audio is widely accepted by users.

Tutorials: they have become a very useful type of content, either to demonstrate a product or to explain how it works.

Ebooks or guides: both have a very similar format, where the objective is the same, to expand information and delve into a topic of importance to the user.

Presentations: they can contain very useful information on a topic and condense a lot of information in a single format. Slideshare is one of the most used platforms for presentations.

Apps and games: usually their functionality is related to the activity of the company, it is an innovative way of establishing contact with users through other channels.

Webinars: they have become a method to get leads. Through this type of platform, contacts are made with people interested in obtaining free training or finding out about some relevant event.

Content Marketing Examples


Nike knows that content that adds value to the user is a very powerful tool, which is why it developed its APP: Nike + Training Club . In this mobile application, users have at their disposal more than 180 workouts, tips, exercises, routines and specific sports programs, it also has videos and expert trainers that will help you achieve your sports challenges and the body you want.
Without a doubt, an example of content marketing.


The Swedish multinational dedicated to the manufacture of furniture and products for home decoration knows that working on content marketing is vital, so it develops it from various channels: social networks, videos, blog …
Its blog, called ” Ikea Ideas ” is has become one of its main sources of content generation. In it, he shares ideas, tips and tricks about his products and decoration. The content is not focused on the characteristics of your furniture, but on how to generate experiences thanks to them, to create the home you want.

As we have seen throughout the article, the generation of content is gaining more and more relevance and therefore the content strategy has become one of the main digital marketing strategies of companies. And have you already started working on your content marketing?

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