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Social Selling: How to sell on social networks?

We agree that, to generate income, the most important thing for any business is sales. Use the social networks of your company and your collaborators, as a commercial tool to achieve more and better sales.

Internet and social networks have changed the buying process

Technology has transformed the way we buy and sell , currently, we find customers who use multiple channels before making a purchase decision. Only 29% of buyers want to talk to a seller to learn more about the product, however, 62% will consult that information on the Internet (Hubspot, 2016).

According to the Asociación de Internet.MX, through the Study on the Habits of Internet Users in Mexico 2018 , 89% of users use the Internet to access social networks.

Today’s shoppers have changed the way they: listen, inform themselves, learn, evaluate and decide between one product or another. The opinions on your social networks can be a decisive factor in making decisions when the buyer evaluates your business and that of the competition. 

If the internet has changed the way of buying, why not change the way of selling?

Social Selling consists of taking advantage of social networks to find potential customers . To do this, you must build a solid and quality professional network based on a consultative sales process, in which customers and their needs are at the center of everything. The goal is to build long-term relationships, based on trust and empathy with clients. 

Before connecting with your prospects , use social networks to gather information from your prospects: the company where they work, the position they hold, the remains and objectives, etc., these data that will allow you to establish relationships of trust, a critical factor in sales . Listen to your future customers to join the conversation at the right timeThen present yourself as an alternative solution to their needs.

7 tips to boost your sales with Social Selling 

  1. Start listening : Use your social networks to know the needs and problems of users. This information may be useful to the sales team, as they will have prior knowledge of the prospect.  
  2. Define your objectives: Define SMART objectives , when you identify what you want to achieve, you can trace the path and the tactics to achieve them.
  3. Share useful and valuable content: Stop sharing everything; Share content that is useful to people, that helps, educates, informs or even entertains them, but that is of quality and that adds value. The same study by the Internet.MX Association reveals that content consumption has gained greater relevance for users with 55%.
  4. Build relationships of trust:  The relationship between a company and its customers is defined from the first contact people have with you. Users will want to find all the necessary elements to make sure that your company is their best option. From your website, the content you share, to the average number of stars on Facebook.
  5. Choose the right social networks: Which ones are your potential customers using? How many social networks do you have in your company? What are the social networks that are a source of potential demand? Based on the buyer’s profile, define which ones you should invest your time in.  
  6. Approve your social networks: It is essential that all your social networks follow the same line of what you want to communicate. Build the company’s brand through the content you share, the profile image, the language you use, the graphic image, and so on.
  7. Align marketing and sales: Sales in internet times are not only the responsibility of the sales department, it is the responsibility of both marketing and sales to build relationships of trust. You must understand that the whole company is marketing and the whole company sells.

Social Selling consists of using social networks in the sales process. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are seen as an opportunity to influence the purchase journey of users , accompany them until the closing of the sale.

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