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American Passport Types For Travel to all over

American Passport Types For Travel

There are many different types of passports for US citizens. Each of them has a slightly different application procedure. The normal passport is issued free of charge and the remaining ones are not. Depending on your status and reason for traveling, you may need to choose one of these different types of passports and apply for that too.


  • Passport for U.S. Citizens – These are the most common passports that are issued by the U.S. You can get one from any U.S. post office or port of entry. These passports do not include a visa when you present it at the port of entry. These are the best if you plan on going to visit family or friends or if you need a temporary pass to get from one country to another. It is better to obtain it before traveling so you don’t have to deal with any hassles later.


  •         These are special passports given to people who are working in the U.S. military or other diplomatic personnel in other countries. These have different requirements like good health, years of residence and others. These are good if you need a temporary pass while you are traveling. You can visit the U.S. without having to worry about your identity being stolen when traveling outside the country. This is also an excellent way to get to travel around other countries if you are planning on visiting one.


  •            These are passports that are used by some people going abroad on business or pleasure. You can use one as a business pass and use the other to visit your home country. These are valid for a certain period of time after which they expire. It is very easy to obtain this type of non-immigrant or immigrant passport since it is not considered as an entry permission in your host country.


  •                   If you are planning to leave the country urgently it is best if you make an immediate immigrating passport. This passport proves that you have all the requirements necessary for immigration in your home country. These include employment certificate and residence permit. You must go to the embassy of your intended country and present this to the consular officer. He will issue you a new passport within 24 hours of your presenting this one.


  •                These are the most complicated of all the types of passports. You are only allowed to have two documents. One is the Permanent Residence Card and the other is an Advance Pass. An Advance Pass needs to be filled out a few days prior to traveling. When you arrive in your destination country, the embassy will issue you a Last Page Pass, if you have yet to do so.


  • American passport book – The American passport book was designed to serve dual purposes. First, it allows citizens of certain states to avoid spending extra money when applying for passports. Second, the book serves as an identification card for those who don’t have a photo passport. In most of the states of the united states a person needs a photo passport in order to get the advantage of an American passport. Therefore, people living in the states without an American passport book can take advantage of having one issued in their own name.
  • Which of these types of passports are suitable for you? The decision is completely yours to make. The different types of passports can be divided again according to the purpose of travel. If you are planning to fly to another country than the one for an extended stay would be the better option. But if you just want to pass through the American borders regularly it would be wise to carry a regular passport for your personal purposes.

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