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The Fundamental Differences Between Two Different Types Of Religious Beliefs

The Fundamental Differences Between Two Different Types Of Religious Beliefs

In the early twenty-first century, there are many different types of religions in India. Each religion has its own set of followers, their traditions and their rituals. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Christianity are some of the major types of religions in India. All these religions believe in a God, or gods, who is responsible for creation of the universe and the life on earth. Each god has a set of followers who perform his duties in return for favors received.


Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and it believes in a God.  When Sita gave birth to the first human being, Lord Shiva was jealous and punished Sita by making her unattractive. She left to live in the forest and began a journey to heaven.


There are mainly two branches of this religion, Jainism and Buddhism. While the Jains believe in the Buddhist deities, the Buddhists follow Buddha. There are also many Hindu sects, such as RSS, AGGA, VHP, Bajaj Sadashya and several other smaller organizations.


Hinduism believes in many types of gods and goddesses. Some of these include the Hindu god Shiva, the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the Christian god Jesus, and the Muslim god Allah. All these are considered to be the one supreme entity. All the other deities are regarded as separate entities.


Some of the fundamental differences between the Hindu and the Christian religions are their fundamental views and practices. Hinduism believes that all things in the universe are god and they have no independent existence of their own. They are dependent upon the Supreme God, Shiva. In contrast, Christians believe that the soul of the person is immortal and eternally corruptible, whereas the Hindus hold that salvation or life after death is possible.

Another fundamental difference is in the prayers and rituals performed by both the Hindu and the Christian religions. While the Christians believe in performing prayers to the Father and Mother in Heaven, the Hindus believe in performing prayers and rituals for the individual selves. They believe in following their individual path in life. It does not matter whether the path chosen is the right one.

Hindu and Christian followers should respect each other because of their adherence to the same religion. There are so many differences between the Hindu and the Christian faith that it is almost like an insult when the Hindu followers treat the followers of this religion badly. On the other hand, some Hindu radicals have killed or made ill the innocent Hindu followers for doing something as simple as wearing a ring in the toe of the foot. All these ugly incidents have made Hindus look at every other member of the society with fear and distrust.

The fundamental differences between the Hinduism and the Christianity also have a lot to do with the followers of each religion. The followers of the Christian religion are expected to be perfect just as the God is perfect. Most of the times, people find arguments between the Hinduism and the Christianity very tough to understand.


There are a number of problems that arise between the Hinduism and the Christianity. But the basic difference lies in the principles that are believed in by both the religions. If you want to understand more about this topic, then you can always do your research on the internet. This will help you better understand the concepts that are shared between the two religions.

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