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Essential Questions You Should Ask an SEO Company

There are a lot of SEO agencies that abound, claiming they can hike a particular company’s website up the first pages of Google search results. 

Still, they fail to deliver when coming down the wire. You might be disappointed, but you cannot do anything about it anymore because you have already paid them. Thus, it is crucial to look for an  seo agency that can help you boost your website’s rankings up the first pages.

You must be vigilant in finding the best seo agency for your website and business’s needs. SEO is a huge deal, and that’s why you’re paying people to do it for you. It takes a few questions to weed out the winners from the sore losers to find the right agency for your SEO needs, but you must ask them these questions, and they should answer correctly.

Curious to know what those questions are? Here are some of the questions you should ask your prospective SEO agencies before hiring them.

How many years have you been rendering this service?

This is one fundamental question, and the answers matter for this one. Unlike digital marketing, which requires dynamic and changing patterns, SEO relies on the basics while also considering the market demands and requirements changes. Therefore, you should take someone who can give you a long-term approach, then hire someone who can only provide you with short-term solutions without any promise of consistency in the long run.

How are you going to improve the rankings?

A great SEO team can explain the processes they can do for your website in a streamlined manner, without evading facts. A great SEO team will be transparent on what they can do, including the strategies, campaigns, and processes that they will apply to your website to improve the rankings. If your prospective SEO team avoids you and is not furnishing precise details while giving you long-winded explanations with no clarity in sight, drop them.

What can you do about backlinking?

A reputable agency would not resort to using low-quality backlinks to fulfil the requirements. On the other hand, a great agency can and will share its strategies to get high-quality backlinks for your website to boost its rankings. It can be in guest posts, external links, or other ethical methods.

Are you always in line with Google’s best practices?

Google should be your best friend, and you should be friendly to Google so that it would return your niceness to you in the form of ranking higher in the searches. Unfortunately, Google penalises websites that do not follow their best practices by diminishing their appearances on search results. A good SEO company can provide you with a clear idea of how they follow Google’s best practices for the websites they handle and share how far they push the envelope for their clients.

How do you play with the algorithms on Google?

A great SEO company knows the different algorithms to hike your website up the search rankings. They should explain in detail the processes they will use for your website.

Have you ever had an unsuccessful campaign before?

If an SEO agency boasts that its campaigns are always successful, you should ask for more proof. Otherwise, they may not provide the correct picture. Most SEO teams have experienced bumps along the road. Not all their campaigns are highly successful, and that’s okay. What’s important to know is how they corrected it and upgraded them for service in the future and if they acknowledge the parts where they did not do well compared to the others.

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