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Why Original Content Is So Important In SEO?

Why Original Content Is So Important In SEO?

The importance of original content in SEO is a topic of great debate among the search engines. One of the most important things to remember about original content is that it will be difficult, if not impossible to find it on the first page of Google, or any other major search engine. So the original content is worth more than it ever will be. In fact, Google does not index copy written just for the purpose of attracting hits. Google’s main objective when indexing web pages is to provide good overall user experience, which also means that they will filter out anything that is not appropriate.


But even though Google doesn’t care too much what you are thinking with regard to original content, they do care about duplicate content. Google, like all other major search engines, has a penalty program that they apply to websites that have too much of it. This is a big problem in SEO as well. Although it is easy to slap multiple copies of the same article on your own website, it will not help your ranking in the long term. On the other hand, having original content on your website can seriously improve your chances of getting better rankings.

different reasons why original content is so important

There are many different reasons why original content is so important in SEO. Perhaps the most important thing is that a search engine wants to see something that is unique. If you are creating articles and using them as the original source material for an article submission service, then the search engine may very well consider you as an authority figure. This is something that nobody wants to have happen, especially when there are far more effective ways to get to the top of search engine listings.


Another reason for original content being so important in SEO is that there are so many different websites on the internet. While the average Joe blog will only have a few hundred hits a day, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites that are running online. This makes it very difficult for people who want to rank highly in Google, because their competition is so high. An original blog or article will be able to stand out from the rest because it was written by someone who knows about search engine optimization. Because the website or blog posting is from someone who knows how to write original content, it will be able to get a lot more hits because it will be considered as more credible.


Having original content also helps the website or blog in some other ways as well. Because the content is new and different, the search engines are less likely to rank it the same way. This means that it should rank higher because it has more content that is valuable to potential customers. The more useful the content, the better chance it has of becoming rank highly.

the main reason

The main reason that original content is so important in SEO is because it creates credibility for the website or blog. When someone sees content that is completely original, it gives them trust in the author and his writing ability. It also shows that the website or blog is not trying to sell anything to its visitors and is just providing them with information. This is the type of content that can gain credibility and rank highly in the search engines.

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